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Many times, the parole of an individual is denied due to their lack of knowledge in completing an effective and solid parole packet and presentation. Parole packets are vital and significant in achieving parole and may be the deciding factor in achieving an early release. We are not just a one and done parole packet company like others. We are a full service parole release company that stays with your loved one until release is obtained. Some hire an attorney to advocate on their behalf, but fees can range as high as $10,000, whether results are achieved or not.

Our fees are reasonably priced and we stay with you and walk you and your loved one through the whole process. We provide in depth, high quality Parole Packet Services for all incarcerated people throughout the state of Texas. We are experts in the Texas prison and parole system. Texas is our specialty. In fact, we do Texas and only Texas. Please feel free to browse our website. We are certain when you are done, you will understand the difference our service will make for your loved one. Then it's easy. Simply contact us to get the ball rolling.
Zach, I am so appreciative of your services regarding my son. I never in a million years thought that with a 12 year sentence that he would make parole the first time and I have no doubt that if it were not for you, he would be waiting for another year to see parole, if even then. Thank You so very much for all your help, and the many conversations we had....YOU are providing a great service for a very minimal cost.


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